24 Hours

In less than 24 hours I will on my way to Alaska! Mid-flight and on my way. Right now I have…

24 million pounds of laundry to do.

24 millions work projects to finish up.

24 suitcases to pack.

24 dozen worries wracking my brain.

Have I ever told you that I am a worrier? You could probably guess.

I am so excited to get there and hang out with Sonia. To be in the land that never gets dark (summer in Alaska you know).  To see the mountains, have a road tip and eat good food. But before that, my mind thinks of everything that can go wrong (you know, plane issues) and everything that I am leaving undone here (not being able to help out my bestie with sick kids or work that needs to be done).

I am just keeping it real here people.

So in honor of my upside-down life right now, getting ready to travel, I present Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes!

They are delicious and really easy to make! Check out the how-to on Betty Crocker!

Keep an eye out for some updates on my Alaska adventures!


  1. Katy says

    Thought of you when I pulled out my pink Little Miss Sunshine tank top. :) Hope you’re having fun in Alaska! I’m putting this and the cilantro pasta on this week’s menu. Yum!

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