Always the Man

In continuing my trip down memory lane, I dedicate this post to my brother Tim (although to some he will always be Timmy). No matter what things have come Tim’s way, he seems to always remain cool, in control, and photogenic! 🙂 I will admit it…I have two very handsome brothers! I thought I would share some moments where he could have lost that “edge” but didn’t!

He should have definately lost his cool here… I mean, after taking a face plant in the driveway, who wouldn’t?? But, he still comes across cute!

One of the highlights of Tim’s life…well for those of us who look at this hilarious picture anyway. How can you not laugh at that bellybutton and white curly hair??? So cute!! Just to set the record straight, Little Miss Bossy did NOT make him dress this way!! So I guess I can’t take credit for it! 🙂

Now, he is Applebee’s manager extrodinaire…even when he tries to look lame, his hair still looks good! Very stylish Tim!

So I guess you can say that he never loses his edge…there are many more pictures that might disagree with that, but I will leave them for another time! 🙂 Ahh, I love my brothers!


  1. Andrea says

    The last pic of Timmy makes me think of “Grease” and Danny! And who wouldn’t just love the “cowboy” look! Oh, the memories of being a child
    of the 80s!
    Thanks for the smiles at the start of my day!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    As additional input on the first two pictures of note.

    1. He may look cool after the driveway face plant, but actually his MOTHER pushed him down during a one on one basketball play!

    2. Can you believe it, his GRANDMOTHER dressed him like that. How embarassing. It will haunt my son forever.


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