Attempted Cutie Photoshoot

When the Cuties see me bring my camera out, the typical reaction is not a positive one. I usually have to include some type of bribe to get a formal photoshoot. I tried one a couple of weeks ago and decided to try a trick. I told them that there was a butterfly in my camera and if they looked really really close they could see it.

Brendan1_0114_blog Chelsea2_0114_blog

Good try Jess…that lasted about 5 seconds before they realized I had tricked them.

Brendan2_0114_blog Chelsea1_0114_blog

So I asked what kind of photos they wanted to take. Upside-down of course!

Brendan3_0114_blog Chelsea3_0114_blog

Then they decided they wanted to try to take a picture of me with each of them…I obliged.

Cuties1_0114_blog Cuties2_0114_blog

They might be fuzzy and they might be blurry but I will take them and keep them always. They aren’t babies anymore, and they remind me of that every time I see them. Sniff.

And I promised them no more tricks and ice cream next time.



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