Be Content

Did you ever have something that you really didn’t want to do but were “forced” to do it because you were told it would make you a better person? Something that in the long run you would be happy that you did and look back at it with fondness and not regret? I am not talking about the hard lessons, the lessons that slap you in the face and hurt really bad. I am talking about the ones that feel really bad at the time but then turn out in the end to actually be life-affirming.

Wow, that was a really long ramble but I am getting to the point don’t worry.

One of those things in my life (one of many I might add) was piano lessons. I thought that piano lessons were torturous…painful. Loved my piano teacher but hated the lessons. I hated the recitals even more. An introvert getting up in front of lots of people and playing a piece of music perfectly? Can you say pressure? So I counted down the days until I was allowed to quit and I always tried to move the timer when I practiced (really? Did I think my mom was dumb??)

Looking back on it now, I wish I had stayed on. My mom and dad were right, it was a good thing for me. I might not have been happy in the situation but I could have been content. That is my new goal, knowing that I don’t always have to be HAPPY all the time (impossible) but I can pray to be content.   I might not be good at piano, and in fact I am really really rusty, but last night, I was able to teach Chelsea how to play “Heart and Soul”.

And that, right there, made me really really happy.

Heart and Soul



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