Beauty of Night and Day

On Labor Day weekend, my family hit Duluth.

And boy, did we hit it hard.

My cousin got married and the stories I could tell you from that wedding are epic. But I am not going to go there right now. I want to share some photos I took down at Canal Park in Duluth.

If you are not familiar with this area, Duluth sits on Lake Superior and Canal Park is where you can watch the big ships come in if you are lucky. So the first night we were there we headed down to check out the action.

The view was spectacular…especially the blue moon that was very visible that evening.



Blue Moon in Duluth

After getting some night shots, my dad (who I gleam all my photography knowledge and genes from) asked if I wanted to get up and take sunrise shots.

Did I want to get up that early? Um, no. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. But let me tell you, it was worth it. It was breathtaking.



Lighthouse at Dawn

We even got to see a ship leave the harbor…beyond cool.




And the best part? Snapping pics with my dad. I love those moments. More than I can say.

I love taking photos with my dad.


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