Attempted Cutie Photoshoot


When the Cuties see me bring my camera out, the typical reaction is not a positive one. I usually have to include some type of bribe to get a formal photoshoot. I tried one a couple of weeks ago and decided to try a trick. I told them that there was a butterfly in my […]

Hello Spring?

Minnesota seems to be the state that spring forgot. A foot of snow is predicted by Thursday night of this week with another storm on the way next week. It is supposed to be the time for thunderstorms and buds not blizzards and shoveling. Last week there was a hint at spring. A 50 degree […]

Things That Make You Go Awwwww…


It has been a little stressful the last week or so and on top of it all I have to have a dental procedure today. Here we go…Lil Miss Anxiety. So today I thought I would just share some pictures of extreme cute. Pictures to just make you smile on this Thursday. First off some […]

Birthdays and Cupcakes


It has been one day shy of a month. One month since an update. I am horrified. Ok, let’s move on. Over the last couple months, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to two certain cuties birthdays. Brooklynn turned three in September and Brendan turned 6 very very recently. There are two things […]

Lump in my Throat


Even when they were not in school, the Cuties have been ready for school… That photo was taken roughly 5 years ago. Right about the time Chelsea was reading and Brendan could name the planets in order from the sun. Fast forward to now. In less than a week, both Cuties will be in school. […]

Fashion, Dancing and Mustaches


It is Tuesday. I have a million things to do and little time to do it. My AC broke and the temp is on the way up again. So, how about a little smile today? Here it is…courtesy of the Cuties. A little fashion show… A little dancing…. And a whole lot of mustaches. Happy […]

Betty Crocker Cuties


Today there was a major event in the Kitchens of Betty Crocker…Kid’s Taste Panel! And guess who got to join in the festivities? These two rockstars… They got super cute shirts and got to do cute things…with 30-something other cuties! They were stoked (although I wish the quality of this photo were better…disclosure) There was […]

Hello 8!


Earlier this month, Chelsea celebrated her 8th birthday. I won’t even go into the fact that I can’t BELIEVE my cutie god-daughter is 8. Or that in just 8 years she will be driving. Or that in 10 years she will be graduating from high school. Or that I might have just started crying. Anyway, […]

Valentine Date…Part 2

Having a week to recover from my first Valentine date, I was ready to hit the Mall of America again with Brendan. 🙂 Mr. Brendan sure knew exactly what he wanted to do, and I was ready! First, we started out at Build-a-Bear. He brought his other bear friend from home and he knew exactly […]

My Valentine Date…Part 1

I was lucky enough to have TWO Valentine dates this year! I told the Cuties that they each could pick someplace to go and just the two of us would go out together. They both chose the Mall of America. I mean, what child wouldn’t? I was thanking my lucky stars that they didn’t choose […]