Three Years


3 years. It just doesn’t seem like it has been 3 years since I lost one of the most influential people in my life…my Papa Jim. It has been 3 years since I heard that soft kind voice or held that strong hand. 3 years since a Papa hug…papa gave the best hugs. I miss […]


Papa's Atlas

Today is my Papa Jim’s birthday. He would have been 93 years old today. I miss him. I miss his quiet, patient way. I miss his smiles. I miss his hugs. I miss his laugh. I miss sharing stories with him and having him try my latest recipe creation. I miss him every day. Papa […]

Pantry Makeover and a Remember Me?

Bags from the Pantry

Hi! It’s me! Jess! Remember me? Anyone out there? Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Yeah, yeah it has been a while but let me just say, it has been an amazing summer. Lots of things crossed off my bucket list! But with this past summer came ALOT of work projects and time on that. […]

Two Years


2 years ago today I lost one of my biggest cheerleaders. Some days it is still so very fresh. I miss him. He was more patient than any person I know or will ever know. He encouraged whatever idea you had or dream you wanted follow. He was kind and giving and forgiving. He loved. […]

Beauty of Night and Day


On Labor Day weekend, my family hit Duluth. And boy, did we hit it hard. My cousin got married and the stories I could tell you from that wedding are epic. But I am not going to go there right now. I want to share some photos I took down at Canal Park in Duluth. […]

The Family Table


I understand the need for change. Change is good. Change brings growth and change brings needed life lessons. But for me, some of the hardest change to deal with is when nostalgia is involved. You would know this immediately if you looked at the little boxes of mementos that I have clung to over the […]

4th of July…Cabin Style


What are the best things about the 4th of July at the Cabin? (I warned you I was into lists) Well, here you go! 1. Family 2. A shaded tent to sit in… known as the VIP tent. Oh yes…I went there. 3. Food…and more food 4. Playing in the Lake. Tubes, jet-skis, floating islands…it […]

Happy Father’s Day!


Always loved. Never failing. Always there. Never judging. Teaching. Laughing. Fishing. Photographing. Creating. Talking. Just being a dad. To a dad who is all these things and so much more I want to wish the happiest and best of Father’s days. I can’t say thank you for everything you have done for me, I can’t […]

Cameras and Puppies

Renaldo has a new friend…his name is Marmalade… Marmalade is my dad’s new 30D! I am psyched! I hope there are alot of photo walks and projects in the future…hoping hoping. And as for the origin of the nickname Marmalade…well, long story. It is actually a nickname that Brett gave to my dad and it […]

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today, I would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to my Grandma Jo. A woman who… Shows me every day how to be a better person. Shows me the value of hospitality and family. Showed me the importance of cooking food with love. Showed me the importance of gathering the family at the dinner […]