Attempted Cutie Photoshoot


When the Cuties see me bring my camera out, the typical reaction is not a positive one. I usually have to include some type of bribe to get a formal photoshoot. I tried one a couple of weeks ago and decided to try a trick. I told them that there was a butterfly in my […]

A Warm Look Back


Since Minnesota has had 50-something days of below zero weather, I thought I would take a look back at summer. The warm sun beating down. The cool lake beckoning. I actually have a hard time imagining that right now. So here are some glances…try to imagine the warmth. And the pictures above show THREE bucket […]

Beauty of Night and Day


On Labor Day weekend, my family hit Duluth. And boy, did we hit it hard. My cousin got married and the stories I could tell you from that wedding are epic. But I am not going to go there right now. I want to share some photos I took down at Canal Park in Duluth. […]

More Hidden Gems!

Here are some more hidden photo gems that are revealing themselves on my hard drive. There is a whole folder of photos from my Aunt Deb’s wedding in August…I full intend to put them all on Flickr, don’t worry. Here is a pic of the fam when we had our fun-filled Walker Day at MOA! […]

Hidden Gems – Cutie Edition

Due to the fact that I take the majority of my photos of food lately, I realize that there are so many photos and events I have not shared with you! As I have been cleaning out my photo folders the last couple days I have found some hidden gems that I just couldn’t pass […]

Love Me Some Book Learnin’

I will admit, I liked school. Sure, my favorite part was buying school supplies, but I did like learning new things. This is evident by the top shelf of my bookcase which houses many manuals and how-to books on topics that interest me. Due to the fact that I am jumping deeper into freelance writing […]

My New Fave

I just had to share with you my new favorite picture of the Cuties. I took it while we were in the middle of a baking project on Wednesday night. It promptly became my desktop for my work and home computer. It speaks volumes about our baking fiasco. It makes me smile. It is totally […]


A winter storm has once again hit the Minneapolis area. 6-8 inches of snow in my drivway and the roads covered with ice. On top of it, I had to be at work at 6:30 this morning so left my house before 5:30 for a hairy commute. I need some spring in my life. So […]

Special Delivery

I have been eyeing a new camera bag for months but just couldn’t decide on what to get. When I finally decided, they were all sold out for months. Well, I finally made the purchase, thanks to Uncle Sam. Jo Totes bags are so cute and so pretty and so chic I just couldn’t resist. […]