Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

The more I look at trying to keep healthy snacks around my house, as opposed to the ones that you know, taste delicious. Well, fruit is a good snack, but sometimes it just needs a little oomph. I found the oomph. And I tell ya, the oomph is deelish times 100. Peanut butter with apples […]

Cutie-Approved Goldfish-Ranch Snack Mix


Well, hello there. It is me. I am here. I haven’t gone anywhere…and I apologize for the dead air lately. Sometimes, it just happens. Today I have a very delicious and very simple snack mix idea. That is what Monday calls for…simple and delicious (emphasis on the simple). I love salty snacks. I could give […]

Dill & Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas – Easy Snack Idea!

I love salty snacks. To be honest with you, I will pass on dessert every time for more salty, snacky deliciousness. But salty snacks can get me into trouble. You know, when a handful of chips becomes a whole bag. Please don’t tell me I am alone in this. So, I have been seeing recipes […]

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Who doesn’t love pizza? It is one of my absolute favorite foods. The crispy crust and the cheesy cheese…oh man, my mouth is watering already. So, when I was asked to come up with a Pizza Roll recipe for Pillsbury, you bet I was all over that. So I give you, Pepperoni Pizza Rolls! They […]

Smoothie Punch

Last week I went to make a smoothie for breakfast. I was sad to find that I didn’t have any milk or juice to use in said smoothie. So I decided to improvise and try something and voila…Smoothie Punch! I blended a heaping cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of strawberry yogurt and a little […]

Dill-icious Dip Shooters!

When I was in high school, there was one snack food that was always munched on at my friend Noelle’s house. Her mom made THE most awesome dill dip. It was deeelish with potato chips, pretzels or whatever was on hand, and it was always washed down with fruit punch or Diet Mountain Dew. Over […]

(Fill in the Blank) on a Stick

In honor of the Minnesota State Fair (to which I am NOT attending this year) I would like to share two recipes I did for Betty Crocker. Two recipes on a stick if you will. Mashed Potatoes on a Stick.Easy. Interesting. Very interesting. Scotch EggsI have seen these at the fair and they are so […]

Holiday Treat – Reindeer Feed

Betty Crocker has some great new holiday trend recipes for this holiday season. One of the dessert/snack recipes is called Reindeer Feed. I decided to make this fun and yummy treat to bring to the Page Christmas. It was simple and definitely tasty. Cast of Characters… Line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper. […]

NFOTB – Caramel Corn

Due to my snow day insanity yesterday, I decided to bake…if you can call making caramel corn baking! 🙂 Please note that this is the 2nd recipe this week, due to my insanity….or the fact that I am feeling rather Betty. Caramel Corn 1 package of Puffcorn1 cup butter (not margarine)1 1/4 cups brown sugar2/3 cup […]

NFOTB – Thanksgiving Snacks

Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! I am out power shopping today! Whoo hoo!! I decided to contribute to the Thanksgiving weekend by making some snacks. I mean, after eating all that comfort food, who doesn’t need some snacky food?? 🙂 Here are two recipes that I am making for this holiday weekend… Chocolate Chex […]