Sometimes life can get away from you.

Sometimes the stresses of life are just more than you can carry on your shoulders.

Sometimes you feel so crushed with the weight of the problems around you.

Sometimes there are so many things on your To-Do list, you just want to throw it away.

Sometimes you just feel blue.

I know that everyone of my readers can attest to feeling one or more of these feelings at some point. Maybe it was weeks or months ago. Maybe it was yesterday. Maybe it is right now.

I have a piece of encouragement for you today. A piece of encouragement that my Grandma Jo hung on my bathroom mirror when I was 14 years old. It stayed there until my parents moved last year and now it is on my own mirror at home. Yellowed and covered in hairspray, it still rings true today.


If you smile, the day will be cheery.

If you smile, the day will be bright.

If you think good thoughts, you will be happy,

And everything will work out just right.

So don’t let a frown turn you sour,

Don’t let bad thoughts make you blue.

Just always remember think postively,

For how you feel is up to you!

I know that this can’t cure all ills or the hurts that you feel, but it is reminder to smile and take one breath at a time.

And for me, just seeing it my Grandma’s handwriting and the years and years I have read it over and over,  it does make me smile. Every time. Especially the sticky-tack stains…this was before my dad outlawed sticky tack in our house!

Love and good wishes to all of my beautiful readers. More photos and recipes coming soon…promise.


  1. Al says

    Even though I outlawed sticky-tack (and by the stain your can see what it does to the wall – if you can get it off), the words ring true. I remember that on your mirror!

  2. suzette says

    I love what your grandmother wrote. However, I am writing to find the answer to a question. Your boiled custard, Noone ever tells how high to put the stove eye on. I love boiled custard and I have tried one but it but it called for 2 tbls of floor and you could slightly taste flour when drinking it. thank you

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