Exciting Bossy News!

For the first time in the history of, well, my life, I am a published author!!!

Two of my recipes are going to appear in the new Betty Crocker recipe magazine!


I am so excited, like I-can’t-really-believe-it excited! They are featuring my French Toast Cupcakes (page 19!)…


And my S’more Pops (page 71). Check it out my name is on it and everything!


So when you head to your local grocery store (starting at the end of this month until beginning of June) please pick up the magazine! It is located at the checkouts! I think this announcement calls for some serious planking…



Thanks Cuties.


  1. Melissa says

    I looooved your recipes and sought out your website after
    I read them. Am planning on making the s’mores pops
    for Mothers’ Day! thanks for being so creative!

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