I Love Cereal!

Nothing beats a big bowl of Lucky Charms when it comes to needing a snack! It is a good thing that I am working at General Mills because I have instant access to all kinds of yummy crunchy goodness!! They even sell the Monster Cereals year-round! I know that Tracy will also agree that cereal is a part daily food needs. The bad part is that I like it for awhile and then need to change up the flavor…that would probably explain the boxes of cereal on top of my fridge that are 3/4 empty! When my brothers and I were little, my mom would only let us have one box of sweet cereal open at a time! But I guess that beats my cousins, Annie and Mitch, who thought Cheerios was the only cereal available! Right Annie?? 🙂 In my ode to cereal, I have posted a link below to a You Tube video…I think these guys like their cereal more than me! The video is hilarious! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any language that is posted on the You Tube site!) CLICK HERE!!


  1. Andrea says

    You are correct… And if we were really lucky, we might even get Honey Nut Cheerios! Total Raisin Bran was another option… But never Lucky Charms! That was a treat that I might see at the Walker house. 🙂

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