I Love Purses!

One of reasons that I love being a girl is that I can accessorize any outfit with a cute and fabulous purse! I have been teased (you know who you are…Chris!) about my constant need to change my purse with the season or with my outfit. I just feel like you can NEVER have enough cute purses! My sister-in-law, Megan, agrees with this philosophy and she has many cute purses (including a Coach purse that I long for…) and it is always fun to go shopping with her. I will also be forever grateful (although my budget not so much) to my BFF Tracy for introducing me to the cutest purse store in town. It is called Lillian’s and it is in Hopkins. It is only open like one weekend a month so we went on Friday. The best part about it was that everything was 50% off!!! Oh bliss!!!! So I did get two new purses, but they were cheaper than one normally! Tracy even got a FABULOUS new purse that I will snap a picture of soon!! So that is my confession of the day….I am forever grateful to Tracy for bringing that store into my life! 🙂

Some of my purses…the 4th one down on the right (hot pink strap and gold buckle) is one of my new finds from the weekend…$5!!! I am so happy!
And here is my other cute find…


  1. Andrea says

    We have a Lillian’s in Hudson… Open July 31, August 7-10! I haven’t been there yet, but I may be taking a trip down there very soon!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    We also have a Lillian’s in Anoka…just a quick exit a few minutes from Taser’s house! Auntie Deb

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