I Love to Organize!

Ok, so that is not really the case. Actually, I love the containers, folders and boxes that you organize with the most. But I have to say, I have found the BEST way to organize your photos on your computer. My dad found it so I can’t take all the credit. It is called Picasa. It is a free program from Google that locates all the pictures on your computer and stores them. You can then tag the pictures to search for them and there are great touch up tools as well. You can bet that I will be playing with that in my free time! This past weekend, while looking for old pictures of Easter, I found some great old pictures! Using my dad’s AMAZING new scanner, I was able to get them on my computer with ease. Now I can share them with you!! My dad and I have been tinkering around with thinking of some business ideas for photo organization…hmmmmm… I would love it! So anway, here is my picture to share with you today. This is Baby Brett at his finest….
Love the shoes, love the socks, love the placement of the water guns, love Tim’s exasperation, I love it all!! Look for more blast from the past pictures this week!


  1. Andrea says

    I can’t wait for more postings this week! Your Blog always brings a smile to my face… Where is the Zubaz pics?!?!? According to your email this morning, we may be able to get an updated picture soon!
    🙂 You may have to give me some tips on this new picture organization program!

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