It All Comes Back Around

When I was in grade school, one of the hip and happening trends was Jelly Bracelets. Rubber bracelets in colors galore that you would stack up your arm, trade with your friends, and even put in your mouth to pretend you had a retainer. Seriously.

Now, here in 2010, the trend has come back around, with a few new tweaks. It is the new fad (ok, maybe not so new but it is HUGE) and it is sweeping the country…

Silly Bandz!

These rubber bracelets are shaped like different items (animals, ice cream cones, purses and hundreds of other things) but you put them on like bracelets. May I also add that I am SURE these are a teacher’s worst nightmare…

Silly Bandz!

Let’s just say, a certain first grader has hopped on board the Silly Bandz express and is so proud of herself.

Silly Bandz!

I was more than happy to bring her over to Michaels and let her pick out a pack. I mean, come on! Don’t you remember how cool you felt when you were hip to the latest? Yeah, I have to live vicariously through Chels because I do NOT feel hip anymore.

Plus, I don’t think I could get away with wearing Silly Bandz.


  1. Woof your life away! says

    Actually, there was this cute man older man wearing one the other day and bragged about wearing them because his granddaughter had given it to him. Seriously, it was the cutest thing in the world.

  2. Angela :) says

    As a second grade teacher, I'll tell you they are a nightmare. However, when a sweet student gives me one of his or her Silly Bandz, I happily sport one for the day! 🙂

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