Just Because

Long Day Chelsea??

Because I have so many photos I want to share with you.

Because I haven’t posted all week.

Because you are so patient with me.

Because you keep coming back to see if there is anything new.

Because you click on my links from Facebook.

Because I finally got my Christmas decorations down (I won’t mention that I paid someone to do it).

Because it is time for a fresh start.

Because I miss hanging out the Cuties so much.

Because I am totally in love with my new computer…more about that soon…

Because I saw the movie New Year’s Eve with my bestie and loved it!

Because I totally love Diet Coke.

And because I love you so so much, I am having a contest! A Betty Crocker contest!!

Would you like to win a Betty Gift Pack which includes a Whole Grains cookbook, spoon and other fun goodies? Just answer the following question in a comment or e-mail.

What kind of recipes are you drawn to?

I can reward my lovely readers and get some new ideas for the new year!

Contest ends at 11:30 PM on Sunday. A winner will be chosen at random. Just comment below or send me an e-mail at littlemissbossyblog@gmail.com

Because you want to…I know you do!

Just a note..this is not sponsored by Betty. I am furnishing the prizes myself. Just a disclaimer.


  1. Stephanie Z. says

    I think whoopie pies are going to be the new cupcakes!! I fortunately received not only a whoopie pie cookbook, but also a whoopie pie pan (didn't know there was such a thing) for Christmas. I have only made one batch so far, but I keep going back to those recipes, dreaming about which ones I'll make next. Other than that, I'm drawn to recipes that will help me use my garden produce in new, creative ways. But it's not that time of year yet…

  2. Food Rookie says

    I love recipes that are classic with a twist. Your shooter recips are great for that (and also help me with portion control). Last month I made "dirt cake" a little fancy by preparing it in a trifle bowl.

  3. Annie Mae says

    I am always looking for simple recipes that are for picky eaters. Little Miss Brooklynn is one picky eater! 🙂

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