Love Me Some Book Learnin’

I will admit, I liked school. Sure, my favorite part was buying school supplies, but I did like learning new things. This is evident by the top shelf of my bookcase which houses many manuals and how-to books on topics that interest me. Due to the fact that I am jumping deeper into freelance writing and photography, I found two books on Amazon that really jumped out to me.


I plopped them in my shopping cart and they were delivered at the beginning of last week…and I can’t put them down. I started reading both of them at the same time, but found I was better suited to read one at a time. My brain can only handle so much multi-tasking and it is about to the breaking point as it is.

I started reading this book.


It gives tips and pointers on writing for food blogs or food sites. I thought that would be useful information for me since I am now writing for Betty Crocker and Pillsbury. I got through the first two chapters and was thoroughly captivated. However, I decided to read this book in its entirety first.


Can I tell you something geeky? I teared up through most of the first chapter. It was so inspiring. She talked about how people feel when they pick up their camera…frustrated yet in love. That is TOTALLY me. She also said that “It is not the camera that takes the photograph…you take the photograph.” I am now in the chapter where she is showing how to use natural light to really bring out the best in your food photography. I have my manual for Renaldo right next to me when I read it to make sure to mark what I want to practice.

It is awesome.

I hope to get better and better with each photo that I take. I have begged my dad to help me set up a mini photo studio at my house to take my recipe shots…and I am so excited.

I think I have come a long way from this picture…

And now know how to make food look more appetizing like this…

But I know I have a long way to go…and you know what? I totally and completely love it.


  1. Sonia says

    I love that you're able to use your awesome creativity. You're so good at taking pictures and writing. Jealous.

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