Moving Forward – Change is Good

Around this time every year, people make New Year’s resolutions. These can range from losing weight, gossiping less, exercising more or ceasing bad habits. I heard that Britney Spears wants to stop biting her nails. But I digress…

I have found that New Years resolutions NEVER work for me. I have GREAT intentions but they always fall to the wayside around the 2nd week in January…if I last that long! So this year, I am not make New Year’s resolutions. I am making life changes. I am moving forward and doing things to better my life. I don’t want to wait anymore.

Now what might these changes be? Some are small and some are overwhelmingly huge, but I am ready. I am now 30-something years old and what am I waiting for?? I only have one life and I am tired of not living it to the fullest.

Now, before I go any further, I want to spare you the details if you don’t want to know. 🙂 From now on, I will title these posts “Moving Forward” so if you do not want to read about my joys and pains with these changes, then by all means, please skip that day! 🙂 That is my disclaimer.

So I thought that listing some of these goals to you, my wonderful readers, will help me to stay more accountable. I give you FULL permission to give me a hard time if I start slipping into passive oblivion! I won’t list all the goals I have but here are just a few….

1. No matter how much I enjoy food, I am not going to let it control my life anymore. I am going to be sensible and stick to a plan. In case anyone cares, I started Slim-Fast today. And I am VERY pleased to report that the Slim-Fast shakes actually taste good!

2. Pending some financial roadblocks, I am going to join the YMCA. I am going to learn yoga. I am going to do water aerobics. I am not going to be afraid.

3. I am going to work harder on learning photography…including, Photoshop (the thorn in my side). I am going to take more pictures and take more time for this hobby.

4. I am going to get Shoebox Full of Memories going. I will have more information on that by February. I promise.

Well, there is a little sneak peek into the mind of Little Miss Bossy today. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Happy New Year!! 🙂


  1. lil' mama says

    Love yoga and love water aerobics! Can you go where Tracy teaches? I did yoga a lot before Lil’ Critter was born. Need to get back into it. I’m interested in finding out what Shoebox Full of Memories is? 🙂

  2. Jess says

    Yes, I am actually thinking of joining the Y where she teaches! 🙂 As for the Shoebox thing..well, it’s coming! 🙂

  3. Annie Mae says

    Could I get a day pass to come with you to water aerobics with Tracy as the teacher?!?!? That would be a ton of fun!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    You go girl! Willing to bite the bullet and embrace change, rather than fight it, helps create a stronger, healthier person. Congrats on taking care of yourself! As we say every day on the morning announcements, “Have a great day, or not, it’s completely up to you!” Love you…Auntie Deb

  5. Jess says

    Thanks Auntie Deb! I love that quote and don’t be surprised if you see it on the blog really soon! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement! Love you!

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