Muffin Tin Taco Cups

Who doesn’t like tacos?  Well, some people might not like the process of putting together a taco (looking at you dad) so I decided to try to make a bite sized appetizer for Betty Crocker that is packed with all the taco ingredients you love without all the work! Muffin Tin Taco Cups!


These apps are SUPER easy to make. Just cut out tortillas in circles and bake with your favorite cooked taco filling (like my slow cooker chicken!) and shredded cheese. Bake for about 20-25 minutes. Once they’re out of the oven, pop ‘em out of the muffin pan, put ‘em on a platter and serve ‘em up plain, letting everyone participate by handling their own toppings. I personally like mine with lettuce, green onion, sour cream and a drizzle of Western dressing. (That is the family taco secret!)I guarantee these two-bite taco cups will have your family and friends asking for seconds and thirds!


Get the recipe on Betty Crocker or check out the How-To!

Tomorrow? Another muffin tin favorite that dare I say may be…healthy? Ok, maybe healthier.


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