Oatmeal Cookie Pear Bars

I love bars.

Please read that as if I said it with a Minnesota accent…because you know I did.

When a bar is sweet, tart, gooey, crisp and easy, how can you not love it!?!

Today on Betty Crocker, my Oatmeal Cookie Pear Bars are featured. They are a delicious addition to your dessert recipe arsenal. Check out my how-to right on Betty!

In other news, I am really really trying to become a downtown urban girl. On Friday, I work in downtown Minneapolis.

In a skyscraper.

With millions of other people.

And buses…oh lawd the buses.

I am working on it. I am working out being out of my comfort zone. Working. Working. Working.

So while I am working on that…go make some Oatmeal Cookie Pear Bars! Substitute apple if you want, I won’t judge.

Because I am working.

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