Mountain Dew Bundt Cake


Well, hello there friends, family, strangers, readers…love you all and glad you are here. I am here too. Somewhere behind this computer screen. Realizing that I cannot let months go by. Realizing I need a plan. Realizing that I can’t do it all. Oh well, enough of that. Fall is here! I heart fall. I […]

Pantry Makeover and a Remember Me?

Bags from the Pantry

Hi! It’s me! Jess! Remember me? Anyone out there? Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Yeah, yeah it has been a while but let me just say, it has been an amazing summer. Lots of things crossed off my bucket list! But with this past summer came ALOT of work projects and time on that. […]

Lil Miss Gardener…Ha

I do not have, nor will I ever have, a green thumb. It is not even light green. Plants are not really my friends. I like them plastic. If I forget to water them, no harm done. They won’t complain. However, number 13 on my “36” Bucket List is grow my own herbs.  Starting small…no […]

Easy Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

photo 1

Isn’t it always nice to have something ready in your freezer to thaw for a quick dinner? I especially feel that way about chicken. Here are my two confessions about chicken. I love to eat chicken. I hate hate hate to cook chicken. Between the prepping (gross gross gross) and figuring out if it is […]

Welcome Home

On Tuesday, I accomplished number 12 on my “36” Bucket List…I bought a house. This is a house that I have lived in for over 10 years. A house I was renting from my parents and has had it’s fair share of occupants. But now, it is all mine. I am making it a home. […]


Today I turn 36. I am now closer to 40 than I have ever been in my life.  I have made that turn in the road toward my scary age. But since there is nothing you can do about the passing of time, I decided to embrace it. Well, try to anyway. I decided to […]

Restaurant-Style Cornbread


It is wedding week! My baby brother is getting married on Saturday. This month has been just jammed full of excitement, planning, prepping and a sprinkling of stress. Most of the stress seems to be coming from the “spring” weather we are having here in Minnesota. Snow storm after snow storm. However, the weather people […]

Hello Spring?

Minnesota seems to be the state that spring forgot. A foot of snow is predicted by Thursday night of this week with another storm on the way next week. It is supposed to be the time for thunderstorms and buds not blizzards and shoveling. Last week there was a hint at spring. A 50 degree […]


What is it about being in a funk? I have been in a creative funk. You know my kitchen weekend? Didn’t really go the way I had hoped. I got all jazzed up and ended up in a funk. I think with the busyness of life around me (showers, weddings, work, re-modeling, home buying) I […]

Where is my Kitchen?


There are some exciting things happening at the Bossy house this month. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of stuff going on, cooking and baking has been put on the back burner. Ha. But this weekend I hope to remedy that with a free weekend to fill with cooking and baking galore. The ice and […]