Warm Up with Mom’s Chili


The temperature in Minnesota is taking a nose dive. The coldest air of the season so far is heading our way…along with a couple of inches of snow this week. The bitter cold is not my friend. Walking into work is like taking an Arctic expedition and my eye makeup is non-existent once I get inside. And […]

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

The more I look at trying to keep healthy snacks around my house, as opposed to the ones that you know, taste delicious. Well, fruit is a good snack, but sometimes it just needs a little oomph. I found the oomph. And I tell ya, the oomph is deelish times 100. Peanut butter with apples […]

Pomegranate Spinach Salad

Pomegranate Spinach Salad

‘Tis the season for pomegranates. I will admit, I am not a connoisseur of pomegranates. I actually had to look up a YouTube video to see how to get the darn thing open. But once I did, I was in love. The seeds inside the fruit (which is what you eat) are crisp and tart […]

Grandma’s Spaghetti Sauce


This is my Grandma Randall… I love this picture. It is just like she WAS Betty Crocker. I wish that we could talk recipes today. I wish we could talk about our mutual love of daisies and owls. I miss her. I really think we could have had alot of fun in the kitchen together. […]

Goodbye 2012…Hello 2013!


2012 had it’s ups and had it’s downs. I have no doubt that 2013 will do the same but I am hopeful. Hopeful for change and hopeful for everything that is to come. I can promise you that I am not going anywhere on my little corner of the web. I am going to be […]

Birthdays and Cupcakes


It has been one day shy of a month. One month since an update. I am horrified. Ok, let’s move on. Over the last couple months, I have been fortunate enough to be invited to two certain cuties birthdays. Brooklynn turned three in September and Brendan turned 6 very very recently. There are two things […]

Hurdles to an Organized Life


Lately, I have been failing. Failing at keeping this blog going with all the ideas in my head. Failing at sharing with you delicious treats from the kitchen, snapshots from my camera or even a hello. For that, I apologize. I thought I would be brutally honest with you today. Maybe in my sharing, you […]

Cutie-Approved Goldfish-Ranch Snack Mix


Well, hello there. It is me. I am here. I haven’t gone anywhere…and I apologize for the dead air lately. Sometimes, it just happens. Today I have a very delicious and very simple snack mix idea. That is what Monday calls for…simple and delicious (emphasis on the simple). I love salty snacks. I could give […]



Sometimes life can get away from you. Sometimes the stresses of life are just more than you can carry on your shoulders. Sometimes you feel so crushed with the weight of the problems around you. Sometimes there are so many things on your To-Do list, you just want to throw it away. Sometimes you just […]

Brown Butter Caramel Apple Muffins

I love fall. I love the crisp air. The crunchy leaves. The smell of a fireplace. And did I mention the crisp air? It is my favorite. I also love the foods and flavors of fall, with one exception…pumpkin. I am not a pumpkin fan. So when all the food blogs, Pinterest boards and websites […]