What is Wrong With These Pictures??

You decide what is wrong with these pictures…but I will give you some direction with those decisions of course! Is it the fact that we are in a dog cage (can you imagine how nasty??) or that we seem to be enjoying our time in the cage? No, I think the true tragedy in this [...]

What Would You Sing?

I am going to take a short detour from memory lane to discuss American Idol last night. The theme of the night was songs from your birth year. That made me wonder what the Top Ten songs of my birth year (1977…gasp) were and what would I pick? (Please note these were taken from a [...]

Always the Man

In continuing my trip down memory lane, I dedicate this post to my brother Tim (although to some he will always be Timmy). No matter what things have come Tim’s way, he seems to always remain cool, in control, and photogenic! I will admit it…I have two very handsome brothers! I thought I would share [...]

I Love to Organize!

Ok, so that is not really the case. Actually, I love the containers, folders and boxes that you organize with the most. But I have to say, I have found the BEST way to organize your photos on your computer. My dad found it so I can’t take all the credit. It is called Picasa. [...]

Happy Easter!!

I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed day celebrating the Risen Christ. I have some snapshots of Easters past to share with you today. Al, Diane, and Little Miss Bossy Gramma Floy and Little Miss Bossy More Easter posing with Auntie Susie and Uncle Denny Good Morning! I found my Easter basket!! Now [...]

Easter Egg Hunt

When I was younger, we used to have an annual Easter Egg Hunt at Papa and Gramma Page’s farm. It was always a huge highlight. We would get to look for a certain allowed amount of treat-filled eggs all over the property (except down by the pond…too dangerous!) and then each of us had one [...]


I am in Winona for the Easter weekend. Today, we have received around 10 inches of snow! Lovely huh? Let me tell you, I am SOOOOO looking forward to Mexico!! Wherever you are tonight…stay warm!!

Last Weekend

Last weekend was a busy time. Between puppysitting and having a dinner party, I got a lousy cold. I still have the cold but it is getting better. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, but my brain was in a cold fog. Here are just some of the highlights that [...]

More Apologies

This will be another day of nothing interesting. I promise that there will be pictures and more to look at tomorrow. This cold is kind of kicking me in the tush right now… Thanks for being patient. (Don’t you like how I write this assuming more than 2 people are reading it!?! I am in [...]


I just wanted to apologize to my faithful readers on my lack of posts. I have had a really bad cold the last couple days and getting out of bed is a chore. Never fear, tomorrow I will be back with pictures from the weekend and hopefully some witty comments! I can see the land [...]