Pantry Makeover and a Remember Me?

Hi! It’s me! Jess! Remember me? Anyone out there? Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Yeah, yeah it has been a while but let me just say, it has been an amazing summer. Lots of things crossed off my bucket list! But with this past summer came ALOT of work projects and time on that. Long hours equaled not wanting to update this here blog much. But I am back with a new excitement and ready to share some exciting things with all of you. Thanks for always sticking by me…even during an unexplained hiatus!

I wanted to share with you a project that I did last weekend with my sister-in-law Bethany and my should-be-my-sister-in-law Kristi. It was my parents 39th wedding anniversary and all my mom wanted was her pantry to be organized. If you know my mom, she is a very put together lady, but I think the pantry just got away from her and thus haunted her dreams (and mine too). So we tackled it with gusto, empty containers and a label maker. Here is what we found when we opened the door…

Messy Pantry

Scary huh? The amount of plastic bags, paper bags and expired food was staggering. Some of the food I know that I moved into that pantry when they moved in almost 3 years ago. The winner of the expired food game? March of 2008. That jam went in the garbage right quick. It took three of us an hour just to take all the stuff out. When we did, it covered every surface of the kitchen and dining room.

Bags from the Pantry

Pantry Clean Out

After a pizza break, a one hour trip to Target to buy containers (best Target trip EVER!), multiple attempts with the label maker and pounds of expired food we were done. 6 hours later. But it was all worth it….

Pantry After

Lovely huh? Thing of beauty? Amazing? I think we did a pretty good job. What do you think Mags?


Oh you are no help at all. 🙂


  1. Sherry says

    I love what ya’ll did for your Mom. What a nice thing for ya’ll to do ! We are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve this year. Can you possibly come to our house..haha…just kidding girls !! We have a Shih-Tzu, too. Looks so much like Mags…Makes me wonder, what else do we have in common ? Love your blog and your receipes ! Till later ……

    • says

      Thanks for your note Sherry! 🙂 We are thinking about hiring out our service of pantry organization because we actually had fun doing it! 🙂 Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.

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