Special Delivery

I have been eyeing a new camera bag for months but just couldn’t decide on what to get. When I finally decided, they were all sold out for months. Well, I finally made the purchase, thanks to Uncle Sam.

Jo Totes bags are so cute and so pretty and so chic I just couldn’t resist. So on Friday, when this box showed up to my door, the anticipation was killing me.

The Anticipation

I opened the box only to find a protective bag covering my new purchase. But heck, I can’t even resist a cute protective cover for a purse or bag! I am little obsessed.

Oooh a bag protector

Then I opened it and fell in complete love.

My new Jo Tote camera bag in Moonbeam...LOVE!

The color is Sugarplum and the inside is black and white. It is padded and has all kinds of compartments for everything. I didn’t take a picture of the inside, because I don’t have it quite right, but I am sure I will bug you with that another day.

I am in complete love with my new Jo Totes camera bag. Renaldo has a new home and it is so CUTE!

Housekeeping Note: I am making the photos bigger on this here blog. If you have any trouble opening them up, please send me an e-mail or comment.


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