Things That Make You Go Awwwww…

It has been a little stressful the last week or so and on top of it all I have to have a dental procedure today.

Here we go…Lil Miss Anxiety.

So today I thought I would just share some pictures of extreme cute. Pictures to just make you smile on this Thursday.

First off some babies…I mean, come on…babies. Meet Lucas and Logan. They are new twins in the family. These little guys joined our family in December and I spent a majority of our family Christmas cuddling. Snuggling a newborn baby? Awww.

Lucas Edward

Logan John

Brooklynn is excited to be a big sister to L and L. Lots of snuggles. Lots of kisses. But there are lots of adjustments and Brooklynn still needs her snuggles.  Awwww.


Then there are these Cuties. I haven’t had the pleasure of spending my normal amount of time with them lately and I can say that I miss them ferociously. Every day it is more and more apparent that they are getting older and wiser to my silliness. Hopefully they will still be ok with hugs until they are old and grey. Awwww.



And finally, what is the best cure when you are sick? I furry fuzzy puppy friend. Maggie was nice enough to oblige helping Brett through his bout with the crud. Awwww.

Snuggles with Mags

Think they all would come with my to the dentist? Love and fuzzy blankets to all my readers out there.


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