Day 125 - September 23, 2010
Today I turn 36. I am now closer to 40 than I have ever been in my life.  I have made that turn in the road toward my scary age. But since there is nothing you can do about the passing of time, I decided to embrace it. Well, try to anyway.

I decided to make a list. A list of 36 things I want to do before I turn 37.

Little things. Big things. Recipes that scare me. Places I want to go. Things I want to see. Things I have already done but want to do again.

A list to keep me accountable.  In no particular order.

1.    Night fishing
2.    A road trip
3.    Poach an egg…runny…and eat it.
4.    Take a knife skills class
5.    Visit the doctor…no matter how scary it is.
6.    Watch the sun rise up North.
7.    Bake homemade bread
8.    Sing a song with my dad
9.    Have people over for dinner at least once a month
10.    Get my craft on
11.    Lose at least 20 pounds
12.    Buy a house
13.    Grow my own herbs
14.    Make a snow angel with the Cuties
15.    Make homemade ice cream
16.    Write a letter or card to someone at least once a month
17.    Start researching my family tree
18.    Scan and save the 100’s of photos in my closet
19.    Grill something
20.    Swim in the lake
21.    Try yoga
22.    Make homemade pretzels…until I get them right.
23.    Make strawberry jam
24.    Make homemade marshmallows
25.    Re-paint a piece of furniture
26.    Paint my laundry room
27.    Pontoon ride
28.    Take more photos
29.    Pick one day a month to completely unplug
30.    Print more pictures
31.    Try oysters
32.    Rent a double bike at Minnehaha Park
33.    Read a book on my porch on cute furniture
34.    Get my library card
35.    Clean and overhaul my garage
36.    Everyday, tell someone in my life that I am thankful for them.

I am thankful for all your readers. Thanks for being here…cheers to this year. No matter what, it is time to enjoy the heck out of life.


  1. Irene says

    Happy Birthday. Love your to do list. Keep us informed of your progress. If your in the Chicago area I’d be glad to help you with the cooking ones.

  2. Mom says

    Happy 36th Jess! I am so proud of you. Your list looks fun! Number 12 is accomplished today! Congratulations! Love you!


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