True Trip Down Memory Lane

I do not have any cool pictures to share because my internet gave up on me last night, but I do have a story.

I truly entered memory lane yesterday…a memory lane that I try to block out sometimes because it makes me too nostalgic. As most of you know, I used to teach 3rd-5th grades at a private school in Minneapolis. This is where I met Tracy, and I will forever be grateful for that. For reasons I will not divulge here, I left after 5 years. After I left, it was not the easiest time for me. I am still not teaching, and I am not sure what that path looks like. My heart aches for my “kids” alot. The students that I taught in those 5 years became my kids. They will always have a huge spot in my heart and I miss them so much. I actually get a little choked up if I think about it too much. Well, low and behold, yesterday I stumbled on a HUGE group of them on Facebook! They have sent me cute little messages with memories they have. Gosh, I miss them. They are all in high school now and all grown up! It makes me smile to know that they still remember me and some of the silliness that we had.

That time in my life seems like ages and ages ago. I have some great memories from that place. I can’t imagine my life without it!


  1. Andrea says

    My parents have always told me to create a “Smile File.” This is a file (either hard copy or virtual) that has momentos and notes that make me smile… It looks like you have found a virtual Smile File on Facebook! You have found reason number 56 to join Facebook! 🙂

  2. Jess says

    Funny thing, I do have a 2 big smile files…I just haven’t looked at it forever..makes me sad…gosh I have issues! 🙂

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