Tuesday Sunshine

It is a little disconcerting that it is only Tuesday today. I was hoping it was more like Thursday or Friday. Not having much good to say about this Tuesday, I thought I would just share some photos with you. I took these with the Rebel and used my favorite “Boost” action on Photoshop.




Happy Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous says

    Jess, do you really think General Mills is really helping you highlight your talents? Shouldn't you go into photography? You can buy a new Rebel as a business expense. Think about it!

  2. Annie Mae says

    Any chance I can get a CD of these prints? I make calendars for Christmas gifts, and these are perfect! Let me know… Love you!

  3. Little Miss Bossy says

    Annie – sure! I will give it to you at Stamp Camp! 🙂

    Dad – I am always interested in "real" prints! 🙂

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