Welcome Home

On Tuesday, I accomplished number 12 on my “36” Bucket List…I bought a house.

Number 12 - 2013-14 Bucket List

This is a house that I have lived in for over 10 years. A house I was renting from my parents and has had it’s fair share of occupants.

But now, it is all mine. I am making it a home. A place that I am proud to have people over and they feel comfortable and relaxed. A place to just feel safe and be me.

My home. Wow…a homeowner. Sometimes when I think about things and the way my life has gone, I didn’t think that I would ever get to this place. And even though it is “just me”, I am happy and content where I am.

So come on over sometime…I can’t wait for you to visit.

Number 12 - 2013-14 Bucket List


  1. Linda says

    That’s awesome, isn’t it cool to be able to decorate and paint they way you want? I am very happy for you!

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