What is Wrong With These Pictures??

You decide what is wrong with these pictures…but I will give you some direction with those decisions of course!

Is it the fact that we are in a dog cage (can you imagine how nasty??) or that we seem to be enjoying our time in the cage? No, I think the true tragedy in this picture is Little Miss Bossy’s outfit! I mean what is up with that?!?! (In case anyone was wondering, the cage belonged to Tipper, my Gramma Randall’s totally hyper dog!)

There are a couple of things that are wrong with this picture. First of all, my hair seems to be cut unevenly. Next, I have either a bloody scrape or ice cream on my face…I am out in public sheesh! Third, I seem to be ok sharing with Tim…very out of character for the time (but please note who is actually holding the ice cream cone!). But the most tragical thing has to be that Tim is eating the vanilla and I have the chocolate…vanilla is my FAVORITE!!! What in the world?!?


  1. Anonymous says

    I would also note the height to which you are holding the cone. Timmy is obviously standing on his tip toes to participate. More control?


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