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  • Homemade Raspberry Pancakes for Baby

    Pancakes have always been one of our favourite baby foods because they are so easy for little ones to eat. You can just cut them into bite-sized pieces for self-feeding and they have a nice, soft

  • Homemade Blueberry Popsicles for Baby

    This recipe for Homemade Blueberry Popsicles for baby is full of natural antioxidants, tastes wonderful and makes a lovely cooling treat on a hot day! If you’ve not yet introduced

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    Don’t you just love recipes that need hardly any ingredients, but taste amazing? These Cheesy Sweet Potato Balls really fit the bill – they are so quick and easy to make they’re

  • Sweet Potato Boxty for Baby

    If you’re not from Ireland, you may be wondering what on earth ‘boxty’ is. If it’s not something you’ve ever tried before, then let me tell you… you’re

  • Baby’s Blueberry Breakfast Bars

    These delicious bars are a big hit in our house, for several reasons! They’re really easy to make – preparation time is just a few minutes. They’re packed with the whole grain


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Your kid is finally old enough to eat actual food - yay! Fundamental ground rules.

Creating your own baby food is simple, quick, and saves money. Be conscious of common allergens and gas-inducing foods. Pick organic produce when possible. And, eventually, be sure that the foods you are producing are age appropriate.

A lovely summer salad that your toddler can enjoy with the rest of the family. All the nutritional components are there: protein + fiber + good fats and tons of flavor. Zucchini are at the top of the season, delicately sweet and easy to find locally at a very low price. They are a great baby and toddler ingredient for many recipes. Today I want to share with you a […]

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Going at the beach is so much fun. Simply looking at the blue of the ocean makes me happy and the joy of the kids splashing in the water and playing with the sand is priceless. Still, moving away from the Instagram perfect beach picture reality is that a stress-free lunch at the beach with a toddler requires planning and some tips from experience. Improvising is definitely not an option. […]

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One of my memories of my summer childhood is related to a special treat that came in a glass jar: the fruit juice!! Smooth, velvety, almost creamy, made from fresh fruit, cold. My mom used to offer it as afternoon snack and I simply loved it. Being the fruit juice made from the pulp of fresh fruit and not filtered, it also contains a nice amount of fiber. I wanted […]

Baby Puffs are one of the most viewed recipes here at BuonaPappa and to be sincere I’m not surprised 🙂 Puffs are a perfect baby snack: light: it doesn’t compromise meals. not messy: you don’t have to mop the floor if they fall. portable: perfect on-the-go snack idea. entertaining: my kids spent more than half of the time playing with puffs and eating some of them here and there. educational: […]

Definitely one of our favorite meatballs recipe. Loaded with nutrients and flavor. It’s perfect for picky eaters: the zucchini are very well combined with all the other ingredients. They give that extra moist that balances the turkey meat. The fresh tomato sauce receives all the juices from the meatballs and becomes super tasty too. The meatballs are egg free! I substituted the eggs with chia seeds. The seeds will bind […]

This is a perfect cake for a beginner: easy to prepare, moist and tasty. Strawberries and oranges give a lovely fruity flavor while the ricotta keeps the cake moist. The cake is not over sweet: I added a minimus amount of sugar (you can substitute cane sugar with maple syrup) and I let the natural sweetness of the strawberries do the rest. As the fruit has a very important role […]

Have you ever tried those indulgent chocolate bakery muffins with that lovely broken crust on top and a super moist heart? With an intense cocoa flavor and those melting pieces of chocolate inside? Well, get ready to bake some! There are gazillions of chocolate muffins recipes online, great ones. I’m sharing with you this particular one as it has a different baking technique, it’s easy to prepare and…never fails!! What […]

Oatmeal, such a creamy and nourishing breakfast idea for little one…and not only for breakfast. Naturally gluten free the oatmeal is a very versatile meal. Starting from the oat base you can really add on so many healthy ingredients to change the flavor and increase the nutritional value of each teaspoon. Today I want to share with you a lovely combo: oatmeal + peaches + cardamom + tahini + hemp […]

If you are looking for an easy baby recipe, loaded with nutrients, brain boosting, iron boosting and that doesn’t require any cooking…you might want to try this one. Few super food ingredients combined together for an unusual baby food combo: sardines, avocado, almonds, hemp seeds and oat cereals. The final result can be a smooth puree or a finger food pending how much baby oat cereals you will add. The […]

My little one just turned 7 last week. I love birthday celebrations. During the winter break I have been thinking and asking Alex how we could celebrate his birthday: family trip to Legoland? Art and Drawing party with his friends? Roller-skate party? Bouncy house in the backyard? We went big and small, crazy and fun. We had so many ideas…and then the lockdown came. We are in total and complete […]

Funny fact. Growing in Italy we didn’t have the Easter Bunny but we definitely had the giant chocolate egg, simply called The Easter Egg. One for each kid, giant (I’m taking about 9 inches up!!) and…most important thing, with a surprise inside. Yep, it was a big deal for the kids…and it still is. Living in Los Angeles it is not usually easy to find an imported Italian Easter Egg […]

Hello lovely people! It has been a while and since the last time I shared a recipe with you and the life as we knew it simply changed. We are currently at our 4th week of lockdown. School-from-home is the new reality and #stayathome is the only way we have to help limiting the spread of the virus. I really hope everyone of you and your loved ones are fine […]

My kids love hamburgers: juicy, meaty, loaded with flavors. I like the homemade version, where I can be sure of the origin of all the ingredients, meat mainly, but I also love to offer the kids meatless options to alternate. The quinoa veggie burgers are juicy and cheesy, they received thumbs up by both kids! They are made with quinoa, of course, mixed together with a mix of trusted and […]

This cold and flu season has been nasty, way stronger than last year from what I remember. When I hear the first sneeze in the house I start getting ready with all my homemade remedies, from recipes to syrups to…chest balms. With the years I’ve been fine tuning my mix of “potions” as my hubby calls them 🙂 to both boost the immune system and alleviate the cold/cough symptoms. I […]

A lovely and popular first food for little ones: sweet potatoes! Today combined in a simple and nutritious way with pears and hemp seeds. The final creamy texture and the delicately sweet flavor are a baby crowd pleaser 🙂 Why Sweet Potatoes are Great for Babies? The creamy sweet taste makes sweet potatoes a great baby food ingredient, babies simply like them. Their great nutritional value makes sweet potatoes loved […]

I love energy bites: small treat that you can indulge yourself with during the day as a light snack to recharge the energies. I like to prepare small energy balls for the kids to take to school and enjoy when they do sports. With that in mind I asked myself: why babies cannot have their own energy bite? That’s how I created these little sweet and delicate balls: soft enough […]

One recipe = one family. This recipe nails the concept 🙂 A nourishing baby puree, smooth and almost allergy free, perfect for little palates and at the same time a lovely breakfast idea for mom, dad and big brothers and sisters. Rice pudding is such a lovely comforting recipe. I flavored it with some pumpkin puree and added a touch of lemon, vanilla and cinnamon to complete the combo. You […]

Pinch me, it’s still a dream come true!! Yuppy yah yeh…yep, I wrote a cookbook and it’s coming out next month, February 11th!! (but you can pre-order it now on Amazon!) Check it out! The Fuss-Free Toddler Cookbook If you are a bit familiar with BuonaPappa you already know that I love preparing healthy meals for little ones that can be also enjoyed by grownups. One meal for the whole family has […]

Introducing a new food in your baby’s diet can seem tricky as you don’t know his/her reaction. A simple way to do it would be to add the “new” food to trusted and favorite ones so that the introduction will be progressive and smooth. This recipe is a very good example. Beets are an ingredient that definitely pops up both in terms of color and taste. Not spicy, not too […]

Chocolate Muffins. An easy score with kids 🙂 Today I want to share my white beans chocolate muffins recipe, dairy free and simply decadent. Moist, chocolatey and light. So easy to prepare that I asked my 6yrs old sous chef to do everything 🙂 I simply prepared the ingredients in the right measurements and he did the rest. Cooking with kids is not precise nor clean, but it’s a lot […]

Mac and Cheese. A staple in every kid’s menu at any restaurant, from the fast food chain to the fancy one. They just use different quality of cheese 🙂 There is a reason why. Mac and Cheese is comforting, cheesy, soft, without scary colors, creamy…all winning points for a kid. My kids are not different: they loooove Mac and Cheese. And that’s why I love finding homemade Mac and Cheese […]

When I created this recipe my goal was to find a baby friendly sweet treat without refined sugars, easy to digest, nutritious, easy to handle by little ones…and good. I started from a traditional energy ball recipe that I like with chocolate and oranges and I kept switching ingredients here and there. I ended up with a vegan and gluten free recipe and I went to test it to my […]

Stuffed Zucchini are a traditional Italian recipe, very simple and tasty. It’s naturally kid friendly both for the taste (salty and cheesy) and for the shape as the final result resembles a boat. You can even get more creative and add a sail made with a toothpick and a slice of cheese! Today I wanted to give a twist to the traditional recipe adding riced cauliflower to the mix and […]

I cannot count the times I gave baby puffs to my kids as an easy snack on the go or while I was preparing meals. Baby puffs not only represent a light snack but a fabulous entertaining for the little ones, almost better than play dough 🙂 Yes, you can find very good baby puffs at the grocery store, but the homemade ones are so easy to make and you […]

Fall is definitely in the air and the farmer’s market simply changed its colors into deep oranges, reds, browns and dark greens. I love it! So many new ingredients you can use to make your baby purees 🙂 Today I would like to share with you a compilation of Fall Inspired Baby Purees that I’ve been sharing through the years and they are still actual and yummy, perfect for babies […]

The name salad is seldom associated to baby food even if there are so many salads that are baby friendly like the millet avocado one. Your baby will love the smooth and creamy texture of the millet mixed with the avocado. Summer tomatoes (with low acidity and tons of sweetness) will add a fresh and light touch to the salad. Cucumbers will give a crunchy touch and finally, chia seeds, […]

We are tomato lovers here. When they are at the top of the season (end of summer) their taste is simply unbeatable: sweet, warm, intense. You can really taste the summer sun in them. This recipe is a great way to use ripen summer tomatoes and also use different colors and varieties for a beautiful result. This summer tomatoes and mushrooms quiche is creamy and tasty with a lovely almond […]

It’s mango time!!! Today I would love to share with you 6 different baby purees combinations using mango as king ingredient! Bonus option: they do not require any cooking and they are ready in less than 15min (considering the prep time!!). Let’s talk about MANGO first…Did you know that only one cup of this lovely fruit can give you almost the daily needed Vitamin C amount? Vitamin C is great […]