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  • Cheesy Vegetable Omelet for Baby

    Once your baby is safely enjoying eggs there are so many yummy foods you can start preparing for him – and the humble omelet is one of our favorites! Omelets are quick and easy to make

  • Baby’s Loaded Sweet Potato with Peanut Butter Topping

    This recipe combines sweet potato, banana and natural peanut butter to create a delicious treat for your baby, but one that’s healthy too! Whilst sweet potato is brimming with beta-carotene

  • The Best Way to Organize Your Herbs and Spices

    If, like us, you love to cook, then chances are you struggle to organize all the pots and packets containing your herbs and spices! We’ve tried just about every option – those nice

  • Potato Pancakes for Baby

    If your little one likes to feed himself, he’ll just love these potato pancakes! They have a lovely soft, smooth texture so they’re very easy for him to manage and a subtle flavour

  • Homemade Raspberry Pancakes for Baby

    Pancakes have always been one of our favourite baby foods because they are so easy for little ones to eat. You can just cut them into bite-sized pieces for self-feeding and they have a nice, soft


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Your kid is finally old enough to eat actual food - yay! Fundamental ground rules.

Creating your own baby food is simple, quick, and saves money. Be conscious of common allergens and gas-inducing foods. Pick organic produce when possible. And, eventually, be sure that the foods you are producing are age appropriate.

Grain Free Banana Pancakes for breakfast today! Only banana, eggs, yogurt, cinnamon. Serve with fresh fruit and if you like a drizzle of maple syrup.

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Baby and toddler constipation. What foods can help your baby poop? Which ones to reduce? What other home remedies can offer relief?

The post What foods will help your baby poop? Baby Constipation. first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Blueberry Lemon Cake, indulgent and fruity. A gorgeous birthday cake that can be adjusted as a regular recipe for little ones with less sugar. Ready to bake?

The post The Best Indulgent Fruity Blueberry Lemon Cake first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Spaghetti Muffins with Sweet Peas & Tomatoes. Easy to handle baked spaghetti nest loaded with flavor. Some recipes are nourishing, comforting, this one is fun!

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Carrot Oats Applesauce mini-muffins +6M for a sunshine breakfast. Little soft bites of natural sweetness. This muffins freeze wonderfully.

The post Sunny Carrot Oats Mini Muffins +6M – Breakfast with love! first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Little Helpers Toddler Baking Cookbook Q&A. It’s a pleasure to share with you some insights on my cookbook.
It’s officially out in the world for you all to read and enjoy!

The post Big News! Little Helpers Toddler Baking Cookbook Q&A first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Avocado Spinach Sweet Potato Baby Puree +6M. This is a nutritionally powerful combo.
Protein, omega 3 and 6, iron, vitamins, fibers and carbs.

The post Avocado & Sweet Potato & Spinach Baby Puree’ – Powerful First Food Recipe +6M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Pasta with Vegetables

Creamy Orzo Pasta with Vegetables. Zucchini, roasted butternut squash, sweet peas, Shiitake mushrooms: such an earthy and comforting combination of flavors.

The post Awesome Creamy Orzo Pasta with Vegetables – Ready in no time! first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Butternut Squash and Turmeric Focaccia Recipe +9M. Fluffy, airy, addictive. The squash sweet flavor is well balanced by the sea salt and the rosemary on top.

The post Butternut Squash, Turmeric & Rosemary Focaccia Bread +9M Sooo good! first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Pizza is one of the most loved kids food, all together with everything that can be enjoyed on a stick. So…why not combining the two together? This is a super easy and quick fun recipe to prepare for the holidays…and also later as we can enjoy trees all year around 🙂 You will need only 5 ingredients: a pizza dough. Store bought or made from scratch. You decide! If you […]

The post Pizza Tree on a Stick – Christmas toddler fun food first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Such a nourishing soup for little ones and grown ups. You will love the mild spice background flavor that comes from the curry powder and the garam masala. You can adjust the spiciness pending your little one’s age and your family’s taste. The suggested quantities will offer you a mild and delicately spiced soup. Chickpeas will give a nice amount of protein to the meal. Easy soup to prepare in […]

The post Chickpeas Potato Curry Soup +9M Vegan - Baby Food & Spices first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Baby puffs are such a great snack for babies. Few healthy ingredients, no additional sugars, baby puffs used to keep my little ones engaged and busy when meal time was not ready or we were out on the stroller. Once you learn the proportions between the basic groups of ingredients in baby puffs, you can really start switching single ingredients following what’s in season and what your little one’s likes […]

The post Butternut Squash Blueberry Baby Puffs - egg free & gluten free +6M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

It’s definitely pumpkin season and I wanted to incorporate this lovely Fall/Winter ingredient in a sweet treat that was not too sugary nor heavy or loaded with cream. That’s how the Happy Morning Sunshine cake came to life. Moist, light, fluffy and deeply orange! My kids like carrot cake, naturally sweet, smooth. Why not adding pumpkin too? I used raw pumpkin and raw carrots to have only few easy steps […]

The post Happy Sunshine Pumpkin & Carrot Cake, low sugar first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Fish sticks loaded with flavor and nutrients. This recipe received thumbs up from the whole family. The sticks have a creamy texture that pleased the kids and provide high amounts of iron, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D that made me happy 🙂 If you are looking for an iron boosting + immune system boosting + brain and visual development + bone growth support recipe for your little one, […]

The post Broccoli Salmon Sticks - Vitamin D & Iron boosting recipe +6M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Since I moved to the States I realized that Halloween is a huge huge holiday here. And when my little ones where old enough to walk I started enjoying their excitement about dressing up, decorating the house, carving the pumpkin…and the trick-or-treat traditional walk. 2020 definitely challenged our creativity this year. The dilemma as a parent is to balance safety and respect of the guidelines with the kids’ desire of […]

The post Fun Halloween Celebration Ideas for kids during a Pandemic first appeared on Buona Pappa.

We are enjoying some Fall weather here in Southern California and it’s finally time for comforting nourishing soups!! Definitely our favorites for so many reasons: they are loaded with good veggies and nutrients every spoon is creamy, welcoming, warm and tasty they come in so many flavors pending the mix of ingredients they can be enriched with pasta, rice, croutons to give more texture Today’s soup has also double bonus […]

The post Cauliflower Turmeric Beans Golden Soup for the Cold +6M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Raise your hand if your eyes widen when you hear the first sneeze in the house. I definitely do. Reality is that colds/coughs/running noses are totally normal during this time of the year, but that doesn’t mean they are welcome 🙂 This is the time when I switch my menu plan into “immune system boosting mode” and I create yummy recipes using all the natural foods that help protecting our […]

The post Vitamin C Applesauce to Boost Immune System +6m first appeared on Buona Pappa.

French Toast. Such an easy breakfast to prepare for your little one and for the whole family. It’s a quick and nutritious cousin of the pancakes, but it takes way less time to prepare. Today I would like to share with you a baby version, enriched with banana some spices and hemp seeds. I’m not using any kind of added sugar in the recipe (the maple syrup on top is […]

The post Banana French Toast. Easy and Nutritious Breakfast. +6M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

A lovely summer salad that your toddler can enjoy with the rest of the family. All the nutritional components are there: protein + fiber + good fats and tons of flavor. Zucchini are at the top of the season, delicately sweet and easy to find locally at a very low price. They are a great baby and toddler ingredient for many recipes. Today I want to share with you a […]

The post Quinoa Zucchini Chickpea Gluten Free Salad +9M first appeared on Buona Pappa.

Going at the beach is so much fun. Simply looking at the blue of the ocean makes me happy and the joy of the kids splashing in the water and playing with the sand is priceless. Still, moving away from the Instagram perfect beach picture reality is that a stress-free lunch at the beach with a toddler requires planning and some tips from experience. Improvising is definitely not an option. […]

The post At the Beach with a Toddler - Food Ideas and Practical Tips first appeared on Buona Pappa.

One of my memories of my summer childhood is related to a special treat that came in a glass jar: the fruit juice!! Smooth, velvety, almost creamy, made from fresh fruit, cold. My mom used to offer it as afternoon snack and I simply loved it. Being the fruit juice made from the pulp of fresh fruit and not filtered, it also contains a nice amount of fiber. I wanted […]

Baby Puffs are one of the most viewed recipes here at BuonaPappa and to be sincere I’m not surprised 🙂 Puffs are a perfect baby snack: light: it doesn’t compromise meals. not messy: you don’t have to mop the floor if they fall. portable: perfect on-the-go snack idea. entertaining: my kids spent more than half of the time playing with puffs and eating some of them here and there. educational: […]

Definitely one of our favorite meatballs recipe. Loaded with nutrients and flavor. It’s perfect for picky eaters: the zucchini are very well combined with all the other ingredients. They give that extra moist that balances the turkey meat. The fresh tomato sauce receives all the juices from the meatballs and becomes super tasty too. The meatballs are egg free! I substituted the eggs with chia seeds. The seeds will bind […]

This is a perfect cake for a beginner: easy to prepare, moist and tasty. Strawberries and oranges give a lovely fruity flavor while the ricotta keeps the cake moist. The cake is not over sweet: I added a minimus amount of sugar (you can substitute cane sugar with maple syrup) and I let the natural sweetness of the strawberries do the rest. As the fruit has a very important role […]

Have you ever tried those indulgent chocolate bakery muffins with that lovely broken crust on top and a super moist heart? With an intense cocoa flavor and those melting pieces of chocolate inside? Well, get ready to bake some! There are gazillions of chocolate muffins recipes online, great ones. I’m sharing with you this particular one as it has a different baking technique, it’s easy to prepare and…never fails!! What […]

Oatmeal, such a creamy and nourishing breakfast idea for little one…and not only for breakfast. Naturally gluten free the oatmeal is a very versatile meal. Starting from the oat base you can really add on so many healthy ingredients to change the flavor and increase the nutritional value of each teaspoon. Today I want to share with you a lovely combo: oatmeal + peaches + cardamom + tahini + hemp […]

If you are looking for an easy baby recipe, loaded with nutrients, brain boosting, iron boosting and that doesn’t require any cooking…you might want to try this one. Few super food ingredients combined together for an unusual baby food combo: sardines, avocado, almonds, hemp seeds and oat cereals. The final result can be a smooth puree or a finger food pending how much baby oat cereals you will add. The […]